George Berry

Sports Journalism


Hey, Im George, I’m an aspiring Sports Journalist, currently studying at the University of Gloucestershire, and an avid sports fan. Since I was little all I’ve wanted to do is play, watch or talk about sports, so I guess this is a profession that should suit me! I will happily talk about all sports, I know more about some then others, but I enjoy any debate and I am always happy to weigh in. My main sports are Cricket, Rugby, Football and Horse Racing. Pinning my colours to the mast, I’m an Exeter Chiefs fan in Rugby Union and Somerset Fan in cricket, and of course England through and through in all sports. I enjoy a debate and am fairly opinionated, although I like to hear other points of view and and more then happy to be challenged on a point of view. I hope you enjoy anything I may write and any feedback would be welcomed.


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